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MAD Print

Sounds like a crazy place right? Well … you wouldn’t expect anything less of Bunker Mentality’s printing associates!

MAD Print has been working with Bunker since the beginning to create the eye-catching Bunker t-shirts that you all crave for.

Want to know how it’s done?

1) Bunker team create artwork and send to MAD Print.

2) MAD Print separates artwork into colour layers. The base colour is always white to give a crisp background to build on.

3) Emulsion is painted onto a screen and left to dry in the dark room

4) The Artwork is transferred onto the screen using a light box which shoots UV light at the screen in vacuumed conditions

5) The remainder of the emulsion is washed off which creates gaps in the emulsion where the artwork has been transferred. This allows the dye to be transferred in specific areas. The emulsion blocks the dye from getting through in unwanted places. Now the screen is ready to print.

6) Before starting, all t-shirts are placed on boards and lined up with the laser. Please note: This is for precision purposes only NOT an attempt to destroy the MAD Print workshop!!

7) Using the ‘carousel’ (as the Bunker Team call it,) the MAD Print team begin layering on the colours starting with a crisp white base coat. This base is applied and dried twice before moving onto the colour layers.

8) Then the ‘carousel’ begins to turn and colours are printed and dried at various stations before moving along to the next colour.

9) To dry and seal the t-shirts they are sent through a large heater.

This whole process is done 3 times. The inside neck is printed first, then the notorious Bunker motifs/slogans are printed onto the front. Last but not least the back is printed with the Bunker logo, just so that you all know where to find more amazing t-shirts!

When the t-shirts are tagged and packed they are ready to be distributed to all of our die hard Bunker fans.

Want one? Find all of the current t-shirts on the website and keep an eye out for our new range.