Paul Streeter - My Golf Style

Paul Streeter, My Golf Style

Paul Streeter, our Bunker ambassador, explains what he likes to wear out on the course and one downside of hoodies.


If I could play golf in a polo shirt and shorts that would be my ideal every day of the year. On the Legends Tour I wish we could play in shorts more, though nowadays the trousers are so thin and light it doesn’t make a massive difference but it’s nice to keep your tan topped up! In some events, like the Seychelles and Mauritius, we are allowed to play the tournament proper in shorts, otherwise you can wear shorts in practice or the pro-am but then have to wear trousers. I’m not sure if it’s a written rule but when it gets over 30˚ the tour are happy for us to wear shorts. It’s been five years since shorts have come in on the main tours on practice days and nothing seems to have changed.


I like to have some sort of dress code and I’m quite traditional in terms of what I think is OK to wear. I know there is the argument that says it gets in the way of introducing more people to the game but I don’t think it looks great if someone turns up in a pair of football shorts and a football shirt. So I would still stick with tailored shorts and a collared shirt. I’m not a big fan personally of the collarless shirts that a lot of players wear, and some clubs still don’t accept them, but I don’t think they look too bad, they’re just not something I would ever wear. Generally I think that professional golfers look really smart, I might be showing my age but the elasticated bottoms aren’t my thing but the players still look good in them.


I don’t really have any preference in terms of colours and, working with Bunker Mentality, I must have worn every colour going! I will colour co-ordinate things and lay some outfits out on the bed at the start of a week but I’ll wear anything. And I like to be smart, my wife caddies for me a lot and she’ll moan at me if I’m not and I do take pride in my appearance. The Bunker colours are often quite patterned and different, I’ll get a lot of comments and they’re always complimentary.


It’s not that long ago that we were all wearing beige/dark trousers and and big white polos from Ashworth or Cutter & Buck where the arms used to hang and you looked like you had wings. Now everything fits so well and we have the chance to wear layers so we’re always not too hot or cold. The Bunker gilets are perfect for keeping you warm at the start of a round and there’s no problem in swinging in them at all.


I’ll spend the winter in my waterproof trousers, when we were allowed to play golf, and, if it’s chucking it down, then I’ll put on the waterproof jacket. I’d rather be dry and warm and play averagely than be freezing on the course. There’s nothing worse being cold after seven holes and you’re rarely going to play well, keeping warm and dry is paramount.


As for hoodies I’ve got no problem with them at all, I’ve got a couple and I love them. I know Bunker have been doing them for years and other companies are just moving with the times. It was amazing the coverage that Tyrrell Hatton got when he wore his at Wentworth. They’re not faultless though – I was playing at Seacroft on a very windy day in a pro-am a few years ago and I was hitting driver when a big gust of wind whipped my hoodie over my eyes just as I was about to start my downswing. I hit the ball about 40 yards much to the amusement and dismay of everyone so maybe it’s best to pick the right day for getting it out.

So to answer the question,  my style is #Bunkerstyle 

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