Old Tom Morris plays Monopoly

You really need to be a golf addict to go for this one but it does look quite amazing. In a world of games being electronic its great to see something really quite special. The number of games has been limited to just 200 in recognition of the special birthday with this unique version of the proprietary game allowing players to travel back in time with Old Tom and visit many of the UK and Ireland’s greatest links courses.

The game follows Tom on his remarkable golfing journey with the gameplay following his time as “Keeper of the Green” at Prestwick where he would win The Open Championship for the first of four victories.

The craftsmanship and attention to detail within the game is worthy of a master clubmaker such as Old Tom with its luxury burled wood Monopoly board with gold foil game path including fully bespoke gold tokens, houses and hotels, integrated drawers for banking and storage, and a recessed faux-leather die rolling area.

This is a beautiful game but it may only be affordable for a few. Maybe they will release a more affordable option at some point as golf monopoly does sound intriguing.