*NEW* @BunkerTom1’s Weekly Outfit Poll

As the local golf season is kicking off this weekend, all attention will turn to Saturdays and the weekly club competitions run up and down the country. I’m aiming to be there on that first tee each and every week, and have decided to hand over my outfit choices to the lovely Twitter universe.

Every Friday I’ll launch a poll with various choices, and leave it down to everyone else to delve through my wardrobe and pick that day’s attire. Then, providing technology works, I’ll try to post a picture on a Saturday morning proving that I’ve gone with that outfit. Obviously certain situations may dictate different choices, such as the great British summer or my ability to operate a washing machine successfully. Of course I’ll only be providing options that actually go together; I already look bad enough on a golf course without the aid of some mismatched clothing.

All you need to do to participate is get yourself on Twitter, follow @bunkertom1 (and @bunkerstyle while you’re at it) and keep your eyes peeled on a Friday morning. Obviously please don’t do this while you’re driving, or while your boss is stood next to you looking over your shoulder (unless they’re going to vote as well, in which case crack on!).

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