Midlands Golfer Matchplay Pairs

Maybe the hardest Par 3 course you will ever play


Stunning view from the new balcony @NailcoteHall

Stunning view from the new balcony @NailcoteHall

The stunning Farmfoods Par 3 course at Nailcote Hall’s new clubhouse was the backdrop for a stunning competition day organised by Midlands Golfer Magazine. A stunning day equally matched by the surroundings of Nailcote Hall.

The course is a brutal test of distance control & club selection with the wind adding to your already tricky tee shot. I had the chance to play with @staffsgolf pro Gareth Shaw who is leading the way in getting young people into the game of golf and keeping them there.#

He was able to tell us a little bit about his work with the local golf clubs and how @EnglandGolf plan to progress the sport and make it what it should be about FUN!


Like looking down the barrel of a gun.


Now get out their and try it for yourself







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