McGinley: Tour Bankruptcy Rumours Are Bulls***

The DP World Tour could do with some positive news these days and Paul McGinley is adamant that there will be some brighter times ahead for the tour where he made his living.

The tour might have signed up with LIV Golf, having held a tournament in Saudi Arabia for three years as well as the obvious riches that it brings, but it chose to align with the PGA Tour. With that the deal now means that 10
DP World Tour players will now gain cards for the PGA Tour, the Scottish Open is now a co-sanctioned event and the obvious take is that it has now become a feeder tour.

At the PGA Championship at Wentworth the head of the tour Keith Pelley was insistent that it wasn't despite all the evidence to the contrary.

"Can we please just stop the feeder tour nonsense once and for all?! Is this week a tournament that is on a feeder tour? A tournament that has sold-out crowds, television coverage around the world in 150 countries, five of the top 15 players in the world? Was our first co-sanctioned event with the PGA Tour in Scotland where 14 of the Top 15 players played a tournament, would that appear on a feeder tour? I could go on and on."

Which he did, at length. We should see more benefits in the 2024 season and McGinley brushed away any negativity in an interview with the Irish Independent this week.

"Relations have never been better between the two tours. They are working very collaboratively together. We've just announced record prize funds and so has the American tour. I know everybody doesn't want to believe me and everyone wants to believe the rumours that we're bankrupt and we were saved by the Americans and all that bulls***. That's absolutely not true.

"We've now hitched our wagon to the PGA Tour, and it provides long-term security for every player on the DP World Tour going forward. It's a phenomenal deal we've done with the PGA Tour.

"And it's the path of least resistance in terms of risk. So it's a great opportunity now for the European Tour to grow and slipstream with the PGA Tour. The big benefits of the strategic alliance will really kick in in 2024 when you're going to see more joined-up thinking between the two tours."

What that might look like is pure guesswork at this point but, purely from a logistical standpoint, there has been more than enough upheaval in the past few months and you would hope that 2023 might bring more time to come together and put together something that genuinely benefits both tours.