LIV Golf - The numbers involved

The money floating around the LIV Golf Invitational Series is genuinely ridiculous. Here's why some of the world's best have jumped ship...

$4m - Each event's individual winner will take home this staggering sum. Cam Smith won the Players this year and took home $3.6m for his victory in March which was the highest purse ever in the game 

$120,000 - There is no cut and the player who finishes dead last will take home this figure which is almost as silly as the $4m figure

$5m – In addition this will be split between the top three in the team competition

$125m - This is the figure reported to have been paid to Dustin Johnson to get him to change his mind on joining the Saudi-backed league

54 - LIV stands for the Roman numeral 54 and ties in with the three-day 54-hole strokeplay format. It is also thought to be the perfect round ie 18 birdies on a par 72

$25m - The series will feature six more events with this total prize money. Four will take place in the United States, one in Thailand and one in Saudi Arabia 

$50m! - The eighth and final event, at Trump National Doral in October, will be a four-day $50m 'Team Championship' matchplay knockout tournament featuring 12 teams.

$16m - The winning team in Miami will split this eye-watering figure with the four players earning a 25 per cent cut