Limited Edition – Selvedge Raw Denim Putter Covers

Bunker Mentality Limited Edition Demin Putter Cover

Bunker Mentality Limited Edition Demin Putter Cover

This is a very special little project that we have worked on with our friends at Rose & Fire ( ) in California. Here is a big surprise… we love denim. It is one of our favourite fabrics and to be honest its worn almost every day and to most every occasion.


The denim we have used in this project is a ‘selvedge denim’ of a rare vintage which makes these head covers even more special. You maybe wondering what does ‘selvedge denim’ mean? Well, the selvedge is the edge of a fabric when it comes off the loom when being woven, so it doesn’t fray, unravel, or curl. Selvedge denim refers to a unique type of selvage that is made by means of using one continuous cross-yarn (the weft), which is passed back and forth through the vertical warp beams. Its a bit technical but now you know and can speak with authority.

You can see the difference in the pictures above. Picture 1 shows the bottom of a pair of norman denims, picture 2 shows the clearly distinctive finish on the edge of the seams using the selvedge. See the difference?  Non-selvedge denim edges are not crisply finished and can easily fray, whereas with selvedge denim, the edges are nicely bound (hence “self-edge”), diminishing the likelihood of the ends/edges unraveling.

Raw Denim

This denim is Raw Denim which means its unadulterated which allows it to develop fade patterns which will be unique to you depending on how you use it. Raw denim will bleed, especially when wet, so take care in the rain. It is, simply put, untreated denim which in the 60’s made people lie in a bath of water to shrink it to size and give a very tight fit. To denim aficionado’s its the ‘real deal’


  • Belt loop on toe for easy removal, carrying and fastening
  • Riveted coin storage pocket
  • Selvedge trim in pocket edge
  • Soft inner line
  • Certified military grade Velcro closure
  • Bunker Mentality ‘Bad Mutha Putta’ logo embroidery

It has been an absolute delight to work with the guys at Rose & Fire as they are really dedicated to making unique and individualistic products in Golf…. just like we are at Team Bunker.