Limited Edition Masters Collection

We believe golf is a lifestyle and what better garment for this limited edition collection than sweatshirts, now a menswear staple. The sweatshirt was invented in 1926 by a American Footballer called Benjamin Russell who went on to create a brand called Russell Athletic which is famous for their sweatshirts. Footballers back then used to play in wool sweaters which was constantly itchy. Russell recognised that a change need to be made, leading him to move the fabric to cotton jersey. The "sweat" aspect comes from its origins on the football field.

The sweatshirt is still a very comfortable garment for both sports and lifestyle, perfect for our Masters sweatshirts.

 It could be the hottest ticket in sports, certainly the hottest in golf that’s for sure! When we started to consider doing a limited edition collection for the up and coming Masters, we did some research to find some inspiration that is a little more interesting than the usual stuff. We discovered some wonderful old images of Masters Badges that were used to gain entry to the event over the years. These are now very much prized possessions by those lucky enough to have one.  

However, back in the day, Masters tickets weren’t always in such high demand as they are today,  the tournament only sold out for the first time back in 1966. Prior to then, there were plenty to be had. A waiting list was created in 1972, which then closed in 1978. The only way to get a badge was to wait until your name was called, if you were lucky enough to get on the waiting list. 
These old badges are now very much collectors items and can command a hefty price.
The badges have evolved over the years from paper to plastic to holograms, and it's from here that we took our inspiration for our Limited Edition Masters Collection. Our graphic concept is the original Masters Badge from 1963 which has been re masters and screen printed it onto our sweatshirts and t-shirts. On the front we have printed the badge as it would have been worn, pinned to your garment with a safety pin! 

On the back we have oversized the graphics of the ticket, showing our love of both golf and The Masters. 
There are 5 pieces in this Limited Edition. An Organic Cotton sweatshirt in two colours of navy and grey marl, accompanied by t-shirts in Bunker Blue, White or Masters Green.  
This collection is very limited, so move fast so that you're ready to watch this wonderful event from your own home... send us your images and we'll post up on our Masters Gallery.