Layering Options

We all know that when the temperature drops, it doesn’t have to mean the end of the golfing season. With the right layers you can still get out and enjoy the great game as layering your clothing is a tried and tested way to keep playing all year round. To help with this technique, we’ve pulled together some combinations to show you.

For optimum performance, use a 3 layer system starting with the base layer against your skin. Any of our CMax Golf Shirts are excellent for this use as they will wick the moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable and dry. All of our Cmax Golf Polos use a polyester yarn which has a large surface area for natural wicking properties, which matched with an additional finish on the fabric give optimal wicking performance and easy care.

The second layer, the insulating layer, functions to both keep you warm and allow any moisture (sweat) to be pulled to the outside of the fabric. This is where we recommend any of our Merino golf jumpers. Merino is 100% natural material unlike so many of the other options offered to golfers. It is also biodegradable, it looks and feels great on the body and it won’t stink like a lot of polyester tops! It is one of the most naturally wicking and performance yarns available.  Most importantly at this time of year it keeps you warm but won’t over heat you.



Roll Neck 2Norton 2

The third layer is the outer layer or shell layer which will shield you from the wind and provide you with extra warmth. We have several really great golf jackets with insulation and wind resistance properties.

We have featured here the Norton Golf Jacket which typical of our philosophy of designing for ‘performance and style’ in all we do. The arms and back use a superb knitted mid weight fabric which has plenty of stretch to allow freedom to swing your golf club. The front of the Norton features a woven fabric on top of an insulation layer to build a strong defence against wind. Our Merino golf sweater looks great in this outfit and is perfect for keeping your neck nice and warm all day long. The two combine to create another great Bunker Outfit for the autumn winter golf season.

Merino 2


When we designed the wonderful Samnite Golf Jacket, we spent a long time on the details focusing on design for ‘performance and style’. We have introduced a new polyester fabric with lots of stretch and a light brushed fleece finish inside to add further more insulation. We have introduced a great new collar shape which six called a baseball collar. This has the benefit of being full hight at the back of the neck but cuts down low at the front so you have nothing restricting your neck movement. On the front we have a half woven chest panel which allows for absolute freedom of rotation as you swing the club but still offers wind protection. The final detail come in the multi coloured YKK zipper which is always a big favourite with us.


ZipperV neck navy

Zipper nnn


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