Bunker Mentality Keep Calm and Golf On!
Let’s face it, everyone is fed up. Coronavirus has taken over everything that we do. All the routine things like popping to the supermarket or going to work have become a struggle, and let’s not even mention watching the football at the weekend.
Fortunately, us golfers are standing strong right now. Let’s face it, golf is practically the perfect sport for this kind of situation. We’ve heard reports that some golf courses are busier than ever before – sounds like everyone is “working from home” very successfully!
As we’re advised to keep away from people as much as possible, golf allows us to be fairways apart…even from our own playing partners! Social distancing is definitely a part of golf, and as long as we don’t get too close to each other on the tee or green then there shouldn’t be a problem at all.
This makes you realise that golf is infact quite an isolated game; you have all your own equipment, there’s (hopefully) no physical contact with anyone else, and there’s no reason to share anything….unless your mate runs out of balls. The one singular object that we all end up touching at one point or another is the flagstick, but thanks to the powers that be this time last year, you don’t even need to touch the flag and take it out anymore. It has come to light in the last day or two that some places are even upturning their holes to minimise touching.
From the sounds of things, quite a few places are keeping their bars and clubhouses closed during this period, to minimise any kind of crowding or too many people in close proximity. This is bound to have a big effect on cashflow, so all we can hope is that courses are able to survive with what they have in the bank for the foreseeable future.
Bunker Mentality Ambassador Lloydigolf has been out there and done his own take on how we can keep going through these tough times – check out his video here.

As a brand, we here at Bunker Mentality are trying to do everything that we can to keep operations running as smoothly as possible. One great feature that we have is that all of our polyester polo shirts are treated with Polygiene – this means that the build up of bacteria and odour is drastically reduced. This is not only fantastic for the lifespan of the garment; it means that it will reduce the chances of the Coronavirus spreading. Read all about Polygiene here
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At this moment, we’re still fully operational. All our staff have been fully briefed on the health and safety implications, and we’re working as hard as we can to get orders out to customers in our usual timely fashion. We are indeed at the mercy of our shipping partners, and while they continue to run then we can get products out to people. We are aware that they have had to adapt their processes to reduce as much human contact as possible, so please bear with them as they are trying to do everything they can to get all your new Bunker Mentality clothing to you.
All we can ask of you is that if you would like to buy some golf gear, make it Bunker! We're a family owned, independent golf brand who really do appreciate all the support that our customers give us. We employ local people and we're working super hard to support all our team through this crazy time. 
Thank you for your support. 
The Bunker Team