Just a Quick Update…

Good Evening all,

The weather has been glorious over the last week or so. While my opportunity to play golf has been somewhat limited, I have made the most of my time on the course.

I played in our Club’s local League opening match. The team won 4-1. (I gave away the 1) I must admit, I didn’t play that great and the guy on the other side seemed to be the ‘guy’ that’s keeps his handicap high for these matches. He wasn’t ever really in trouble, so he deserves all the credit really. My partner played well, but I could have helped out.

I also competed in the Golf Club’s Four ball and Foursome competitions, progressing in the latter. (You might notice I didn’t have a great success winning 33% of my matches this season so far, but that will change by the end of the season. Honest.)

I’ve also had the pleasure of being part of a Growing Network on Facebook headed by Professional Golfer Liam Robinson called TGN: Tour Golf Network. Liam is currently playing Professional Golf on the Challenge Tour. He has started this group as a way of giving back to try and help everybody else get better at golf. I have been fortunate to be part of the group since April and I must admit, the monthly fee is very modest indeed. The network currently has 45 members and the first 50 to sign up finds themselves the recipient of a freebie from GrooveFix. After all, who doesn’t like a freebie? The group is a fun way of interacting with like minded Golf addicts, who like Liam, love the game.

Liam posts blogs from his time away. There are course management videos, tuition videos and the Facebook Live videos among many other things. I personally like the Live videos, they are great to be involved in and the interaction from everybody shows he is on to a winner.

There is also weekly videos from TPI Fitness Level 3 Certified coach Jamie Greaves. He is one of only 7 people in the UK with a TPI Level 3 accreditation.

You will find Liam on twitter @liamrobbo1989 or via email: tourgolfnetwork@gmail.com

Back to the golf, the weather is still great so I better get out and practice while I still can. I posted a couple videos on my twitter wearing the Enduro 1/4 zip top. Finally I’ve found a jumper I can play in with a fitted cuff that doesn’t interfere with my hands at address. I guess the shortfall of having small arms is jumpers with *regular* length arms. I often have to roll the sleeves up, but I look like I’m wearing a hand-me-down. I must admit, I think I’ll need to buy a couple others for spares or wait till the Autumn/Winter gear come out. I’ll probably do both. I don’t have the patience to wait. I’m weak, I know.

Hopefully the temperature really gets up and I can start wearing t-shirts.

Till next time, wear it well and hit it hard.

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