Last Chance to get your shares before we go Public

Bunker Mentality Crowdfunding Campaign

This week in Bunker HQ

All systems go in Bunker HQ this week. As well as managing this campaign, we finalised designs for our first drop of SS22, due in a couple of weeks, as well as a photoshoot with a new model. Look out for Josh who, as well as making our Bunker gear look fantastic, is an excellent golfer. Thanks Josh for a great shoot. Oh, and we won a Platinum award for Trusted Customer Service! Not a bad week all in! 

Public Live next week... what does that mean? 

We are planning to push Public live next week which gives you, TeamBunker, just a few more days to visit our Crowdfunding campaign and grab your shares before we open to the public.

We have had an amazing response from customers like you so if you have the intention to make an investment, large or small they all count, we really need to have you make that pledge now. 

Crowdcube questionnaire help

We have chatted to a few investors who had questions around the Crowdcube questionnaire that you need to answer when you register. Crowdcube need this  completing to comply with Financial Services regulations, however some of these questions may be asking things that you're not so familiar with. If you need any help on this, please do just email us at There is also lots more information in the Crowdcube help centre where there are answers to the questions. 

What will we use our the funds raised for?

Another question that we thought it would be useful to clarify for you.

Expanding our collections - Like others in many other industries we have been affected by stock availability in the last 8 months due to supply chain issues. To maximise the opportunity to grow our sales, we will be expanding our current product range to make sure that you can get your Bunker gear when you want it and make sure that our best sellers and core lines are always in stock. We'll also introduce new mini collections every 6-8 weeks bringing continual drops of limited edition ranges.  

R&D into new product areas - we see a great opportunity to bring new product into our collections such as rainwear and more cold weather gear, a range of golf bags, and other accessories. This will require some R&D and new factories adding to our supply chain. 

Bunker Events - there is nothing better than playing golf. So, we will be creating a full events programme for you to enjoy playing the game "Bunker Style". We developed this programme just as COVID hit in 2020 which put the breaks on it, but we know that now is the time for us to get this plan off the ground. We've already got the Bunker Masters available, and have a plan for at least another 4 events this year, all with the unique Bunker twist that you expect from us.

We're really looking forward to meeting you and growing our events programme of 'enjoying the game'. 

Investor Rewards

In case you haven't notice, we're offering some great rewards as a thank you for your investment. They are all on show at the bottom of our campaign. When you make your investment, we'll make sure that when the round closes, these fantastic rewards are activated. 

Hitting it Hard at £500+
15% off for one year. Early bird access to events, Bunker Mentality Limited Edition Polo

2 under £1000+
Free 1 year membership to Club Bunker, the worlds first digital golf club including 10% off and access to golf events and experiences. Limited Edition polo shirt and Towel.

Birdie King £10000+
20% off for two years. Invitation to Bunker AGM Golf event, Bunker Mentality Limited Edition Polo shirt and Golf Towel

Champion Golfer £20000+
20% off for two years. Invitation to Bunker AGM Golf event, Bunker Mentality Limited Edition Polo shirt and Golf Towel

Time to confirm your pledges

So, Team Bunker, we welcome you to make your pledge to secure your part in our future growth and help achieve our potential.

Got a question? Just email us at and we'll be there to help. We're on social messaging too if you want to chat. 

Please note at this point, it is simply a pledge, no money is taken from you today as that is done when we complete the campaign. Large or small, every investment is welcome and greatly appreciated. Our community has helped make our brand what it is today, and we’d love you to own a part of Bunkers future.

Pledge your investment today> 

Thank you so much
Robert & Tamasine x
Bunker Mentality Founders