Is this the best pro-am prize ever?

Monday pro-ams are generally pretty rare and pretty functional but Austin Ernst kicked off her week on the LPGA Tour in ridiculous style. The American was playing the 147-yard 12th at the Pelican Women's Championship and he club of choice was the 8-iron.

"I did see it go in," Ernst said. "I hit it fairly off the toe, but it was right on line. And it landed on the green and I was like, Ooh, that's got a chance."

Ernst was then given the keys to a Lamborghini, which she will have a two-year lease of, after recording her fourth and most memorable hole-in-one. She now has four aces but but this was the first to feature a prize.

"It feels like it's pretty fast," she added.

Then Pavarisa Yoktuan followed Ernst in during the second round of the tournament and her reaction was understandably jubilant.

The prize remains open for other players to follow suit this week.