Is Greg Norman Done? Will Tiger And Rory Be New LIV Golf Owners?

This week we had the first Senate hearing on the PGA Tour's proposed agreement with the Saudi Public Investment fund and the three-hour hearing gave us some new and fairly dramatic insights into how the golfing world will shake out.

Here are three of the leading lines.. 

1 What happens to Greg?
According to the PGA Tour's Chief Operating Officer Ron Price the end of the road is just around the corner for Norman. The Aussie, who has spoken recently about the LIV schedule for the next few years, but the PGA Tour see him as surplus to requirements if the agreement gets over the line.

"The LIV Golf assets of which Greg Norman is currently the commissioner will move to the PGA Tour subsidiary and those events will be managed by the PGA Tour," Price said. "It would make no sense to bring in that type of an executive to manage what now is 14 events. If we reach a definitive agreement we would not have a requirement for that type of position."

In the 276-page document there is mention that 'Norman would be reassigned to an advisory role determined by PIF when the PGA Tour becomes the manager of the LIV Tour'.

2 Will Tiger and Rory become new owners?
It's no secret that Woods and McIlroy have had little interest in the breakaway circuit with Rory being thrust forward again and again to speak up for the PGA Tour. The pair led the players' meeting in August where the prospect of an expansion of the elevated events.

Now it's possible, under the proposed merger, that they could become team owners under the framework agreement. One of the proposals from a document titled 'The Best of Both Worlds' from Amanda Stavely's PCP Capital Partners, operating on behalf of the PIF, read that the game's two biggest names could play a leading role.

"LIV is proposing that Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods would own teams and play in at least to [sic] 10 LIV events. This and the participation of other leading players is subject to further consideration."

There was also mention of a 'superstar LIV style team global event' where Woods and McIlrouy would be involved along with LPGA Tour players.

"Initiate a large-scale superstar LIV style team global event to include PGA, LIV and LPGA players. The 16 team Captains and subsequent teams are subject to a draft on live TV. To increase Ryder Cup level of interest, this may also include the constitution of national teams (e.g. 4 x US teams including Rory and Tiger (if fit)). The introduction of national teams should work well as it creates real jeopardy/ excitement for broadcasters and fans. The qualifying is to [sic] held in Saudi Arabia, with the final week in Dubai. TV Revenue is to flow to LIV."

3 Will Al-Rumayyan become a member of Augusta National?
The PIF also proposed that their Governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan should be considered for Augusta and R&A membership. A mediator reportedly suggested that Al-Rumayyan should get a seat at the game's top tables.

In the 'The Best of Both Worlds' presentation the proposal stated: "HE Yasir Al-Rumayyan to become a Director of the International Golf Federation and to receive membership at Augusta and the R&A. As part of this, LIV is to review its senior management structure and Board composition."

There was also mention of a minimum of two elevated PGA Tour events to be 'branded under Aramco and/or PIF flags' with one to be held in Saudi Arabia.