Introducing The Golfer’s Journal

We receive a lot of stuff here in the Bunker, all sorts of wonderful golf things that people ask us to give our opinion on. Sometimes we spot something that interests us. The Golfer’s Journal is one such item which I found, ordered and paid the money for as it looked like something quite unique and different. Over the years I have always read and collected  magazines, just today I bought Q Magazine as it had an interesting interview with Noel Gallagher on his new album launch. I still enjoy GQ but it has to have someone of interest on the front cover to catch my eye, not Alex Baldwin GQ. And of course Monocle which is loaded with creative content and global affairs which always whet’s my appetite.

What we have here is a new independant golf magazine, its content and aesthetic is a very long drive from the standard golf magazine available on news stands. It is created by the people behind The Surfers Journal  so that sets the standard for them to give their own unique views and experiences of golf. There are no tutorials telling us how to chip out of a bunker, there are no predicable equipment reviews and there are no endless pages on visiting Ireland to play golf!  This content strategy creates  a lot of pluses for me, unlike all the large commercial golf mags that follow the same tired formula. The Golfer’s Journal certainly doesn’t.


The magazine is described by the people who created it as an ‘elevated experience‘ and, for me, it certainly lives up to that description. Firstly, it’s an attractive publication with their signature broken tee peg creative on the cover. The feel of the magazine is more like a book to bring the impression  of a very creative publication, something that is seen regularly in the market sectors, but sadly not in golf up to now.  The articles are all unique and written by people from all walks of life, the comment thread of which is their love of the great game. The stories are diverse with photography that activates your senses reminding you of our passion for playing this game. I like that they are all quite diverse and personal to the writers resulting in a more honest, less commercial view of their experience in golf.

There is a good interview with Erik Anders Lang ( from Scratch TV ) explaining the background of someone who very quickly has grown an audience in golf. Some achievement, as he came to the game very late after spending his first 30 year resisting it because his brother loved it.

The Golfers Journal recreates the allure of the game for me,  takes me back to playing as a young child with my dad when it was all about hitting the ball and striving to improve on your last round, when golf was somehow easier.  It  plays to my senses that golf is more than a game, it is about feelings, passion, and memories of great times with friends, an emotion that this magazine re-kindled in me.

I whole heartedly recommend it to anyone looking for a different, more refined view of golf.  Have a look at their website    ( The Golfer’s Journal ). Subscription based, published 4 times a year costing around $75. I’m a little sad that we (Bunker Mentality) didn’t discover this find publication earlier as I would have certainly been delighted to be a founding advertiser. Try it, you won’t be disappointed, I certainly wasn’t.

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