How to wear a polo shirt

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Smart – Casual:

Getting the balance between the two can sometimes be tricky but the secret is in the trousers. Chino’s are usually always the answer. With a range of colours and styles available out there the possibilities are endless. You want to look as though you are heading out of the office on a Friday night to the pub with your mates.

Dare to be bold in our CMAX design polo shirts and add that pop of colour to your outfit. Don’t be afraid to be adventurous here. Either wear your shirt tucked in for a neater look or loose for a more relaxed aesthetic. All your outfit needs now is a pair of clean white trainers and Zara is always a winner for this.


Tucking your shirt in is a must; you can go for a core or modern classic polo shirt here for a more refined look. The trick here is to get the fit right, not too tight or too loose. Also the top button done up is key if you are wearing a classic polo. Pair with a smart trouser; keep them straight leg with a tailored finish. The worst thing to do here is to ruin the look by pairing with a baggy jean. This is fine for casual but not smart.

Our trousers have changed a lot of the years; they have been stripped back and refined with only small touches of detail, which gives a more sophisticated look. Our signature triple stripe tape has become our staple branding throughout the latest season. We have learnt that sometimes less can be more.

What to look for in a polo shirt:

Bunker Mentality Mens Golf Shirts Collars


A collar can change the look of a polo shirt drastically. There are usually two styles, the Rib collar or the Made collar. The Rib collar allows adventure with a sports aesthetic. Tipping is generally used here for detail. In our SS19 collection we have done just that, the collar is a staple piece for us and we want to highlight that with bold and daring colours.

The made collar on the other hand has a more sophisticated feel about it. Add a button down and the garment becomes somewhat formal. It all depends on the individual, there is no right or wrong. Just express your personality.

Range of colours:

Every man needs a range of polo shirts in his wardrobe; ensure you have a few coloured options to move between. This is where our core, modern classics and design polo’s come to play. Have one of each of these and you are set!

Bunker Mentality Mens Golf Shirts with Trousers

A distinct logo:

A logo says a lot about a brand. Most polo shirts feature a badge or embroidery on the chest however this isn’t always necessary. The design can distinguish where the branding should be placed. Take our floral polo shirt 2018, here the branding is taken from the chest and moved to the shoulder. Our silicone shield wouldn’t work on the chest because it is too busy.

Good quality material:

This can either be in a pique or jersey fabric. It is best to feel the weight of the fabric and check it can hold its shape when washed.

Attention to detail:

When you receive a garment always check over the shirt thoroughly. If there is a fault or there is an issue it’s usually best to get in touch. Returns are a usual tool for future seasons to ensure the production is 100% correct.

That’s all from Team design. #TEAMBUNKER