How to Measure your Bunker Polo Shirt!

Bunker Mentality - Sizing

Over the past couple of years many clothing brands have started to introduce a variety of styles and sizes.  This can become tricky when you shop around as you don’t always know if the size you think you are is actually the right one.  

We have had a few customers with concerns regarding this so we thought it was only right we shared with you our steps on how to measure the Bunker shirt.

Bunker Mentality Size Guide

Polo shirts are timeless and versatile and can be worn for any occasion so we need to make sure the fit is just right. At the minute we only offer the one fit but we work hard to make sure the sizing is perfect for our customers. We would love your opinion, if there is any way we can make it clearer or easier for you to shop your size please shout up!

Key steps when measuring a polo shirt?

(Make sure you lay your polo shirt flat on the table)

Tape Measure on Paisley Golf Shirt

1. Chest: Place the tape close under the arm from one side of the shirt to the other.

Tape Measure on Paisley Golf Shirt - Hem

2. Hem: Measure from one side to another, make sure you measure above the side vents.

Tape Measure on Paisley Golf Shirt - Sleeve Length

3. Sleeve length: Measure from the shoulder point to the bottom of the cuff.

Tape Measure on Paisley Golf Shirt - Sleeve Width

4. Sleeve width: Lay the sleeve out flat and measure below the cuff from one side to another.

Tape Measure on Paisley Golf Shirt - Back Length

5. Back length: Lift the collar up and measure from the centre back below collar stand to hem.

Please note all sizes on the website are actual garment measurements.

That’s all for now from team design, we hope you found this useful; please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have queries.