How Team Reed let themselves down, again

On the one hand Patrick Reed not getting one of six captain's picks was inconceivable, on the other it made perfect sense for Steve Stricker to overlook him.

As well as his recent illness Reed also brings problems and there was further strange behaviour last week by Team Reed.

First things first Reed almost certainly doesn't run his own Twitter account but, whoever does, picked out any tweets having a go at Stricker for leaving him out and 'liked' them.

Which is odd in the first place and even stranger given that Brooks Koepka is carrying an injury and there might still be scope for Stricker to call on someone to fill in for him.

Then Reed's social media account, when No Laying Up pointed out that Reed was liking all the criticism of Stricker, 'unliked' them.

On Wednesday Stricker explained that he had found the decision to leave out Reed very hard.

“It was a very hard conversation,” Stricker said. “I called him first thing. He was my first call. I just knew, you know, that it was going to be hard. But he took it like a true champion, and I apologised many times to him and just wanted to make sure that he knew that it was a very difficult decision.

“He handled it, like I said, a champion and really took it well. Very disappointed as you can imagine, but he said all the right things and handled it very well.”

And then this happened and you very quickly see why there's no place for the player who caused most of the headlines wit the post-match comments in Paris before having another shocker at the Presidents Cup in Melbourne.