Happy New Golf Season Everyone!

Is winter ever going to end? I don’t know about you but I’m now fed of having to wear a million and one layers wherever I go….which incidentally hasn’t been on a golf course for quite some time. I reckon I can count on one hand the number of times I’ve played golf this year. It’s annoying and frustrating. You have to feel for golf clubs around the UK as well. This time of year is always hard for them, but with how drawn out this weather is becoming, it’s been a tough time for all those involved – from the local pro desperate to introduce new stock with no one around to see it to the hard working greenkeepers who now just want to hop on their mowers and cut grass.

But the question is – when does the golf season actually start? For different people, it will vary greatly.

For most manufacturers, the new golf season will have started around the start of February with the introduction of their latest products. That could be the new driver with the brand new technology made out of completely new materials that is going to set you back over £400. £400?!?!?!!? For one club!?! It wasn’t that long ago that if you paid more than £200 for a new driver you were pushing the boat out, but that has now doubled in a very short space of time. For double the money I’d want to be able to hit the golf ball twice as far and twice as straight, and not hit twice as many trees.

Does the golf season start when the clocks change? Yes it’s not long now. We’ll once again have lighter evenings, and an hour extra of daylight can only mean that it’s actually possible to sneak away from work and get some golf in before heading home. There’s something so therapeutic about playing golf after work. No matter how long of a day it’s been or what’s gone on, strolling around a course for a cheeky 9 holes puts everything into perspective. I almost feel like it should be compulsory that for one day a week, you are allowed to leave work early to go and play golf (purely for medicinal reasons of course). This would also boost team moral and make everyone more productive….I’ll let you know how well this idea goes down with the bosses in Bunker HQ!

Or does the golf season start when the most prestigious of the four golfing majors takes place. I am of course talking about The Masters at Augusta Country Club. I think for a lot of people, just the hype and buzz that comes with The Masters is enough to make them want to get their clubs out of hibernation and get back out on the course. Of course this year’s Masters is going to be dominated by one man; I think by now every man and his putter knows that a certain Tiger Woods is back competing at the very top level of professional golf. If you haven’t then you’ve either been living under a rock or you live in Scotland and have been fighting off polar bears and penguins.  His return to the course has already shown in viewing ratings and crowd turn outs what a big deal he (still) is to the game of golf, and if that isn’t enough to make you want to get out there and tee it up then I don’t know what is. There’s just something so special about Augusta; its one of those places that as the game develops and moves on, the pristine fairways and expertly manicured greens will always stay the same. You ask most people which course they’d like to play in the world; I’d like to bet that at least 50% would say Augusta.

Here at Bunker HQ we’re very excited about this upcoming season. I personally cannot wait to get back on the course on a regular basis get playing this annoyingly frustrating yet beautiful game. Those of you that have already purchased your new Spring/Summer ’18 gear from us – we’d love to see your pictures of you out on the course. Those of you that haven’t yet – get yourself to https://www.bunker-mentality.com/new-season-golf and check it all out. Keep your eyes peeled across our various forms of social media for posts of new gear, competitions and just generally all things golf; and make sure you use the hashtag #TeamBunker.

Happy New Golf Season Everyone!



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