Guess who’s back? Back again….

Justin Rose and Tiger Woods

Some might say it’s long overdue. Some have said (quite loudly) that he would never win again. Whatever your opinion of him, it is great to see Tiger back in the winner’s circle once again. Any self-doubt that may have crept in over the past 5 years is now long forgotten, and there is an 80th trophy now sat on his extended mantelpiece.

Tiger Woods

It was always going be a question bounce around the golfing world – could Tiger still hang with these guys, most of whom are pretty much half his age. The fact that he’s proven himself in the season finale against the top 29 other guys from the past year is something special in itself. Its unbelievable to think that he was one missed putt away from winning The FedEx cup itself…..sure he can cope without an extra $10 million weighing him down.

Now, there’s only going to be one question on everyone’s lips – can he win another major? At the very least now, there’s no reason why he can’t. The weight of a win is off his very broad and toned shoulders. He’s put himself back into the pressure cooker and come out the other side completely unscathed. His body is finally holding up and letting him achieve the movements he wants to.

Tiger Woods

Of the 4 Majors in the next 12 months, it has to be The Masters that’s his best chance. He knows the course like the back of his hand, and it would just about complete the fairy-tale comeback. Plus who wouldn’t like to see Tiger wearing a brand new Green Jacket….his others must be a bit dusty in the wardrobe by now.

What are your thoughts on Tiger and the next 12 months? Let us know, we’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions.