Greeting fellow Bunker-ites

The recovery is going well and i can start light gym work very soon and that means Golf again. Its been wake up call on how to keep fit the right way and of course stretching before and after practice and rounds played. Some of might not think this important, but for a above knee amputee i can tell you its very important.

The next thing is to find possible help with carts, if I’m to play on 1 leg then i need to use a cart, and my current club will not help me out with a reduced discount. This adds another £10 to the round. If anyone has any ideas, please feel free to contact me to advise.

Ive even started sitting volleyball again to keep the tummy and moobs away, and this week i travel with the Lincoln team to kettering to play for Newcastle (it’s a long story), and its also good to catch up with fellow GB players.

The winter season BunkerStyle gear looks amazing. I’m just hoping this rubbish weather keeps up so i can get some and then show the world its not just summer tire that kills it on the golf course.

On another note as a avid Apple iWatch user, Ping have updated the iPhone / iWatch iPing app that now includes swing analysis, i can t wait to use this (there is a purchase required within the app to unlock this potential)

Keep well people and in this wind play low

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