Golf Is (Finally) On The Rise

While the worldwide pandemic has brought a halt to many (if not most) things, there does seem to have been one, very small plus point....


For years our great sport has seen numbers dwindling, with people following other hobbies, or simply not managing to find time in their lives to get out on the course. But it seems that having locked things down for what seemed like an eternity, the re-opening of golf courses in the UK has prompted people to dust off their clubs and go for a stroll along the fairways.

Bunker Mentality Golf On Course BLue Skies

We here at Bunker Mentality have been saying all along that golf is one of the safest pastimes with and kind of social distancing guidelines, and it seems the masses are following up on it.

Bunker Mentality Golf On Course BLue Skies

According to the guys over at Shot Scope, they're quoting as much as a 40% increase on the amount of golf being played in July compared with previous years, and when you think July is probably the busiest time for golf anyway, those numbers are absolutely staggering.

Of course, factors such as the great weather (generally) that we've had, as well as slightly different working conditions have meant that people's schedule may well have given up that extra free time, but nevertheless once that golf bug bites it'll be difficult to keep people away going forward.