Game Day Outfit – Golf Styled


“They laugh at me because I’m different. I laugh at them because they are all the same” KURT COBAIN



This is a very modern outfit and will work on any golf course. Like all game outfits there are three component parts

  1. The Polo Shirt – this is the key to putting together a co-ordinated outfit and this Pinstripe is a great unique piece. Navy is always popular colour for men so this piece is perfect to match into. The pinstripe detail makes the point ‘I’m an individual and I like to look good when I play golf’. It is a stylish looking shirt with details such as the a contrast ‘pink’ button and a small brand tag on the right shoulder. Using our unique fabric with polygiene finishing gives you extra edge. The shirt speaks for itself and is a great gesture to individuality.
  2. The Belt – is always required. Do not ever go with out a belt to finish your outfit. It pulls colours together and if your trousers have belt loops, just looks like you’ve forgotten to put it on if its missing! Be interested in what you wear by considering the finishing touches. This outfit could use a plain navy belt but I think the white tipped front and the coloured branding brings all the colours together to match the high lights on the shirt. It just adds a pop of colour and confidence.
  3. The Trousers – are usually a balancing piece in any outfit build. These Baxter Trousers in Bunker Blue are perfect on this outfit as they create a great look, they are a lighter colour than the navy top therefore balancing the outfit.
  4. The Hat – a golfers head gear is a key piece in their accessory collection. Here is our best selling style with a breathable mesh back and high build embroidery. Stretch inner band so that it moulds to your head perfectly. one of our lovely customers state that this was the most comfortable hat that they’ve ever worn.
  5. The Shoes – we don’t do our own shoes ( yet ) but we generally favour a white shoe of some description. The white shoe will work with most outfits and maintain that modern look.

Its time to stop blending in and create an outfit in your own style. I hope this is a useful selection, let me know below…

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