First Dobber Ambassador

Well the 2015 season starts well with being selected to be a Bunker Mentality Ambassador, Shocked at being selected but I will hopefully represent the brand and have a good crack along the way.

A bit about me,

I have been playing golf regularly for about 3 years @BranstonClub which I am currently a member of. Currently trying to get down to 15 with the help of @NTaylorGolfpro who is showing me the error of my ways.

I play most weekends with a society @BranstonDobbers, currently 27 strong and a mix of male and female members. This year we have a trip to La Manga Resort booked for a golfers and partners break which hopefully give me a few stories to share with you all.


Dobbers take over the terrace at Branston Golf Club

Branston Golf Club gives us the platform as not just being a golf course but more like a social club with a golf course attached. We are very active within the club as contributors to current captain @timwinn1 charity @TheDLCHospice  is his epic #TowerToTower challenge this year so feel free to also support him via Virgin Money site.


current Dobbers chairman Neil Haywood presents club captains Sarah Shaw & Tim Winn with a cheque to kick off the 2015 season

That is all for now so let 2015 season commence and don’t forget to #WearItWell #HitItHard

Please feel free to add @BranstonDobbers via twitter to follow our success





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