Find a Bunker on The Trilby Tour

For those of you who don’t know The Trilby Tour is a prestigious amateur event, it is now in its 9th year and hosts a series of regional championships across the UK. Each of the regional championships is broadcast on sky ports as part of the Trilby Tour series. I played in the event last week and detailed my experience here

I visited The Mariott Dalmhaoy on Monday last week, the day before the tournament for a practice round. Of course, as a brand ambassador it was the opportunity to wear it well before being kitted out in William Hunt golf gear for the day of the event.


A James Braid course it is well laid out and a good challenge. My personal gripe and one shared by all the competitors was the greens being in very poor condition. This didn’t make for effective scoring.

On the practice round I had also uncovered another issue, the bunkers, my game plan for the tournament was to avoid them at all costs as they had no sand and it made it virtually impossible to escape and control your ball. Unfortunately for me, the game plan didn’t work out.

The management of the event was first class, an amateur event had a professional feel.


Plenty of comments and questions about the hot pink (polo) on the practice day and (trousers) the morning of the tournament, and a few cards handed out.

For me personally, a great experience, a very disappointing result, but, I will be back next year to try and restore some Scottish pride Wearing it well and hitting it hard!

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