Fall out from Ashbury

What a great 4 days that was. The weather was fantastic on Thursday and the course, The Pines was in good condition. I had a decent 35 points but not good enough. The winner had 43 points. The handicapping system on society works out the first place loses 5 shots the next day 2nd place 4 shots down the 5th place losing 1 shot. It’s the same coming from bottom up with last place gaining 5 shots and so on.

The other days playing Ashbury, the Kigbeare and 9 holes before coming home on the Ashbury courses were testing especially when the weather took a turn and we were hit with long hard showers.

The food as always is excellent all serve yourself and eat all you want. The pool facilities with the addition of the spa area the last 2 years have been heaven. Relaxing and having a laugh with the guys in the warm of the pool was very welcome.

Some of the guys have gone to Ireland today to play the K Club tomorrow and they’re off to Dubai at the end of the month. Sadly I’ve not been able to go on these, but I’m  not jealous ! ??

Back to club competition golf this weekend. Hope the form carries on.

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