Excessive Swearing Leads To Golf Broadcast Being Pulled

The EuroPro Tour faced an embarrassing situation when they had to ditch a broadcast due to 'excessive amounts of swearing'.

A memo was sent out to their players, and subsequently shared online, to explain the chain of events which brought about the show being pulled on Sky Sports.

"Our production team managed to remove 5 'f' words before the show was sent to Sky and our international broadcaster but missed 4 'f' words which were picked up by the compliance team at Sky. I have had to tell our sponsor that the show will not be going to air tonight as we were unable to edit and re download before 1800. As you can imagine this is exceptionally embarrassing for the club and the sponsor who have informed all their members and clients," the letter explains.

"The problem seems to be growing and although it's only a small few it's bemusing. When you reach the level of having an audience, you are at a level where your brand image and reputation matters. Not only does it matter to you, it matters to your sponsors and an international audience. By saying the 'f' word when you are being watched is unforgivable. You are no longer just a golfer, you are an entertainer, an ambassador for your sport and industry. What you portray matters to the development and future of the sport."

It then went on to explain that, had it aired, then the tour would have been in the thousands.

"If it put in jeopardy our relationship with Sky it would have been in the tens if not hundreds of thousands and in fact may have threatened the tour itself."