Design: Illustration to shoot

Photo shoot Planning:

Preparation is definitely the key to success, planning can help the photoshoot be organized and ensure the best results on the day.

It all begins with the illustration; this is a vital part of the process. This helps us visualise the garments together as a complete outfit and becomes the main reference point in the shoot.

Game day outfits have been a success on our website for a number of years now. We set this up originally to make shopping that one step easier. We have become stylists as well as designers to take the pressure off you and come up with key looks that bring style to the course.

If you are anything like me, there will be check list after check list to double and triple check everything is ready for the big day. There is nothing worse than forgetting something as important as a pair of trousers, a polo shirt or even the shoes!

Our model Jamie is great, he knows exactly what he is doing and understands the concept behind the brand.  This comes in handy when on a busy schedule; there is no time for delays. Photoshoots can be full on, constantly changing from one outfit to the next but it is really rewarding to see the garments and designs come alive off paper.

There is always the odd time when the outfit combination on the illustration may not be as successful once on the model but this doesn’t faze us. This is when improvisation kicks in!

Also the day seems to fly by which is always a bonus when the sun is shining outside.

For now that’s it from team design!

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