DeChambeau: No regrets over not having vaccine

A year ago all the talk was over how much weight and bulk Bryson DeChambeau had put on – now, after testing positive for Covid-19, he has lost 10 pounds as well as 5 mph of his beloved ball speed. The American, who was tested before, during and after the Open at Sandwich but was then positive the following week, had to miss out on the Olympics along with Jon Rahm.

 “The thing is, the vaccine doesn’t necessarily prevent it from happening. That’s where for me, I’m young enough, I’d rather give it to people that need it. I don’t need it. I’m healthy. I’m a young individual that will continue to be healthy and continue to work on my health. But I don’t think that taking a vaccine away from someone that could need it is a good thing.”

Both of his parents are vaccinated, including his father, Jon, who is a diabetic.

“As time goes on, if it’s mainstream – like, really, really mainstream – and everything is vetted out, yeah, I don’t have an issue [getting vaccinated].”

DeChambeau, whose symptoms included congestion, fatigue and a few ‘coughing spurts’, still managed to hit some balls on his simulator at home before getting back to action with a few loops of nine holes.

As for the Olympics there weren’t too many regrets..

“I didn’t feel anything because I wasn’t playing in it. It didn’t matter. It was sad when I tested positive. And then after that, my brain just shifted into a place where, OK, I wasn’t in the Olympics. It is what it is.”