Couple awarded $5m after being terrorised with golf balls

If you live next to a golf course then the benefits are obvious. Jump over the wall, play a few holes, work on your short game... But a couple in the United States, who live next to Indian Pond Country Club in Massachusetts, have been on the receiving end of well over 600 balls which is why they have been awarded close to a staggering $5m.

Erik and Athina Tenczar said in court that they were under a 'continuous threat' due to around 651 balls hitting their home by the club. One ball even flew through one of their windows and scared the couple's young daughter which was the last straw and why they decided to file a police report.

The upshot was that they were awarded $4.93m with the court ruling that the country club was at fault for not protecting their home. It is thought that the club will now move the tee back on the 15th hole.

"They thought they were buying golf-course-view property and what they ended up buying was a golf-course-in-play property," the couple's lawyer Robert Galvin said. "It was apparent to anyone that this house was going to be struck as repeatedly as this one was, they would have never bought this property. They haven't been able to have birthdays or just enjoy being outside during golf season. They truly feared for their safety."

The couple purchased their home for $750,000 in April 2017, now they're in a strong position to move somewhere a bit less golfy.