Could Golf Be Making a Comeback Sooner Rather Than Later?

Its now been well over a week since any of us were allowed out there playing golf. Sure most of us would rather be missing a three-foot putt rather than missing the game as a whole.

However, this week, there has been a promising little sign that would suggest that getting back out on the fairways might not be all that far away.

In Denmark, golf courses have been allowed to re-open (they still have the option to remain closed if they want to), but there are some very strict guidelines put in place.

  • only social golf is permitted, with either a member of the same household or one regular playing partner.
  • clubhouses are to remain closed at all times.
  • groups must be at least 10 minutes apart, with playing partners observing social distancing at all times.
  • Golfers must arrive a maximum of 10 minutes before their tee time, and then leave the course straightaway after they've finished playing.
  • As before the lockdown, rakes are still out of play, and holes will be adapted accordingly so that flagsticks remain untouched.

These may seem very restrictive still, however, if it means that people can still get out on the course then we would certainly welcome it with open arms.

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