CMax our own unique technical fabric.




Together, the Bunker team have been in the clothing business for over 50 years. We have run business, factories and supplied some of the very top retailers on both sides of the pond. This means we start with a very high level of technical experience in both garment manufacture and fabric development… which is maybe why we don’t always push the functional and technical qualities of our clothing as much as others. For us, its in our DNA  to use the best and most appropriate technical fabrics for each garment.

Our CMax fabric has been specifically developed for us by our manufacturing partner. Before any fabric is considered, it has to pass very stringent and detailed quality tests to ensure it transports the moisture and heat away from the body effectively before we will consider it for any garment. Once we accept the fabric, we then carry out extensive wearer trials (typically over 200 hours wear) to test the fabric and garment construction for wearability and endurance. Again these tests have to be passed before we put a garment into production.

We believe our technology is a match for any other brand, you can see from the images, it performs at the highest level in the great game. These pictures show Simon Dyson wearing Bunker Mentality ‘very well’ while playing on the  European Tour events in the Middle East in temperature up to 35’C. Our CMax Range is keeping Simon cool and looking great, and they can do the same for you.

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