Bunker Crowdfunding goes Public Live.. Go, Go,Go

Bunker Mentality Crowdfunding Campaign

Bunker goes Public Live

Hurray! 🕺💥

As planned, I am delighted to confirm that our campaign went Public Live on Tuesday with some great stats showing new investors that have shown interest in us. As I've mentioned before, we have never experienced anything like this before, so we feel grateful and proud to have reached this next big milestone of being able to push our campaign live to the Crowdcube community. 

We are not really people to put ourselves in the public eye. Honestly, our life is dedicated to the success of Bunker. It is our baby that we have nurtured through both wonderful and tough times and we are determined that we maximise the potential of our brand. We are finding that people are interested in our story and how we have got to where we are now which we are delighted to share. 

Friends of the brand that we may not have heard from of been in contact with for a while have invested, which has made us feel very humble. We feel that we are quite generous as a brand, supporting people in the golf community where we can, so to get some of that "Bunker Love" back we are very grateful for. 

We're Public Live, so what happens next

Over the next few weeks, it is now about connecting with everyone that has shown an interest in our campaign.

When we first shared our crowdfunding aspiration with you, our community, back in late November last year, we had a fantastic uptake of Bunker fans indicating that they would like to pledge amounts to support us to reach our target.

Many of you have already confirmed your pledge, with almost 100 investors already which is fantastic.

However, if you indicated that you would like to invest but haven't confirmed it on the Crowdcube website, you can do that now.

As we continue our journey, we'll be sending out plenty of updates on what happening in the Bunker as well as with the Campaign so that you are fully informed. 

Remember, you don't have to invest a huge amount, pledges start at just £17.74, but it all adds up

Do you have a question?

If you have a question or if you would like to chat through our plans with a view to making a pledge, Robert and I will be delighted to help. We have set up a specific email address, investors@bunker-mentality.com, so that we can answer you straight away. 

Be assured, it is us, founders and creators of the brand that will be answering you, no-one else. If you would prefer to chat, no problem, just call on 0115 989 0970 and we'll be happy to help. 

Progress on our plans?

Even though we are still mid raise, we are already working on getting everything prepared to achieve our goals.

We have started to spec our collection framework for our Autumn range adding in new product in the best selling areas that you love, Mid & outer Layers.

We have been chatting with our growing group of women golfers so that we can perfect our Bunker Woman collection. We'll be holding a forum at Bunker HQ in the next few weeks to really 'get under the skin' of what they're looking for in their golf gear, ensuring that all our products make them look and feel fantastic. Within the Bunker team, we have a couple of specialist in Womenswear, so we really do know what we're doing in this area. So exciting to bring a new look to womens golf gear "Bunkerstyle"! 

Don't forget the Investor Rewards

Don't forget that when you invest in Bunker, as well as you owning a part of our brand, you also can get some fantastic rewards like your own unique money off code  Bunker gear, or free membership to our Digital Golf Club. Check out the bottom of our Pitch page to see them. 

Signing off from a pretty exhausted MD, as this week, we achieved something that we've never done before by publishing our plans live to the world, as well as supporting my Mum through a complicated Cataract operation up in Yorkshire, so I certainly feel like I've 'achieved' this week. 

Pledge your investment today> 

Thank you so much
Tamasine & Robert 
Bunker Mentality Founders