Breaking 80 on Salobre Golf with 3 consecutive birdies!!!

Hi To all golfjunks and Bunkerfans,

This will probably be the best highlight of my golfseason.Got on the plane in Düsseldorf and landed on the sunny island Gran Canaria.Together with family and friends we stayed for a week near Costa Meloneras.

We managed to play three courses under sunny conditions.We played Salobre South and North and the stunning course Anfi Tauro.The south course is the easiest of the two and can be played without a buggy.

On the other two a buggy is obligatory.Like a dessertcourse in the mountains.You need some skill to play these

or take some extra golfballs!The pictures are a mix from all three but the scorecard is from the toughest one.

Salobre the new course.Many players mention it plays unfair cause the sloping fairways and tricky undulated greens.I agree, but with some coursemanagment and some luck.(can’t have enough) you can post a decent score.(on a good day)

Now my goal was still to get in the single figures this year.Never tought I’d break 80 in this place with 3 birdies

on the back nine.My best round ever on a unknown course?The puttingpractice payed off i think.Always when you’re playing well you think you’re could have done better.Anyway I’m very pleased and looking forward for

this golfseason.I hope to play in the UK this year.Maybe visit HQ Bunker Mentality if I get the chance?

Nice to see Simon Dyson on Tour in #bunkerstyle.

Greetings from Terschelling, Holland

Arne Vos









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