WATCH: Ancer makes albatross in Vegas

Abraham Ancer had, not surprisingly, never had an albatross on the PGA Tour until this week.

Then the Mexican knocked in this shot from 250 yards at the par-5 14th en route to posting a second-round 65 at the CJ Cup. His driving iron pitched short of the green before tracking and taking the break and rolling perfectly into the cup for a very welcome two.

"It was such a cool shot coming altogether. A lot of things have to go right for that ball to go in and it looks really cool on video, too. I was in between flying it there on the green with a longer club or just hitting like that 4-iron just a little bit lower, make sure it lands somewhere short of the green and chases up there just because I know long was probably not a good spot to be there," he explained. 

"You can't really see anything, so I hit it kind of where I was looking and I felt like it was a good strike. I was like, hopefully it's going to be somewhere around the green. It's nice to see that it did exactly what we hoped to. We couldn't see, there were only a couple people behind the green. They yelled, but it could have been just close to it, so I didn't know if it went in or not until they called it in on the radio and they confirmed it. Pretty cool."