A day in the life of a fashion designer

Françoise Nielly – The new face in fashion

Françoise Nielly is ultimately known for her expressive and vibrant colour palette. Her style is distinctive and has an enriching energy to it.

Her work is very emotive, with a graphic and current appeal, which is extensively used within the apparel industry. As a designer I am always finding new ways to find inspiration, I like to use art as an expression of colour. For years now Nielly has influenced my work in both art and fashion.

Fashion can be a new platform to give art a new meaning, a new lease of life, a chance to connect with people in the same way fashion does.

Here in Bunker HQ, colour is our key focus everyday. If it’s not bright we don’t like. We need to push the boundaries season after season and create collections that create an impact. We want people to love Bunker style just as much as we do.

Our new favourite app has to be adobe capture; it instantly picks out the key colours within a picture forming a palette to work with. This is a new find of mine, and one I’ll be using for years to come. It’s so easy to use and can be used anywhere anytime.

Colour isn’t just about throwing all the colours into one palette; it’s about refinement and ensuring the collection comes together as a whole. Using a mixture of bright and neutral tones form a balance that works. For our polo shirts the base is just as important as the highlight colours and patterns. This is the same within art; you start with the neutral tones and work over the top with the brights.

Creating a new palette each season definitely has its challenges. We are always going to have winning combinations that will be kept as a core palette season to season but creating something new isn’t as easy as it may look. At the minute we are working on SS20 (I know, 2 years ahead of schedule! Crazy!)

Our designs boards are full of inspiration, new colour combinations and patterns. Stay tuned for more insight into future seasons.

Goodbye for now from team design.

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