2018 Bunker Mentality Ambassador

Good Morning. Just a quick note to introduce myself. I’m Ross, a 14 handicapper with the ability to shoot 75 or 95, but if you don’t/can’t play well, you might as well wear it well?

I want to thank Bunker Mentality for the opportunity to be a Bunker Ambassador the season. I love the quality of the Bunker brand. I already had a couple of t-shirts and a Mancia Soft Shell Golf Wind Jacket, so I knew what I was getting into.

After getting in touch with the guys at Bunker HQ, an e-mail from Jack Bunker (that can’t be his surname, right?) giving details on how to proceed. After deciding what I wanted, an e-mail was sent back with my order. Delivery was quick and painless. It was just like a second Christmas, I kid you not. I’ll admit, I went predominantly for the ‘blues’ with a couple grey garments so I guess it’s only fair to go back at another point to balance it out with ‘reds’. The addition of some Bunker golf tees are a nice touch. It really is the little things.

As the weather in the North-East of Scotland in Aberdeenshire is guessable at best, I have went for a few mid-layer tops. After unpacking them all I realised that I have got them all apart from one navy one, so that one will be added with some red t-shirts at a later date.

I like to get out and try some new courses and trying my hand in some Open Competitions, so I look forward to documenting them on here and also taking the opportunity to wear the Bunker brand.

‘Till next time, enjoy your golf and remember to ‘Wear it Well’ and ‘Hit it Hard’

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