Hi all!! Absolutely delighted to be a Bunker Mentality ambassador this year. Looking forward to teeing it up,  hitting it hard and  wearing it well whilst playing at Harpenden Common GC; along with other courses on the way. But first up, is a family skiing trip to France for a week, hoping to return in one piece, without any breaks, so that i can enjoy the season coming. Unfortunately, I will miss the first Tigers match (I’m team Captain, handicaps 3-10) at home to Letchworth but return just in the nick of time for out second game against Bishops Stortford on the 26th April. Should be an interesting day, as recently (last 2 months mainly) I’ve been struggling with the chipping yips (shall not be using that word again)!! So hoping that a 10 day break from golf will give my body time to forget the “y” word and recall the good old days of getting up and down, lol !!! Its got to the stage were lads are now saying “three cheers for Mark …yip .. yip… horray!!”

Still, there are worse things in life to worry about and having come to the end of what should of been a 3 month extension job on our house, which took 5 months its safe to say that chipping has been the least of my worries.


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