Fast Response Sustainable Design

We are really excited to share a new initiative that we have been working on for the last few months.


This is a joint manufacturing venture with a very special factory that allows us to design and deliver new polo shirts within 20 days from prints being approved and signed off. Normally lead times are around 100 days+ . 
We have launched the first five styles using this new production system:- 


These fast response collections are using a new polyester piquet fabric which we absolutely love as it looks wonderful when printed. The colours are Bunker bright as you would expect full of Bunker details.


Bunker Style.... in a polo shirt.

  Saving Time and Freight

  From design concept through to production, the lead time has been reduced  to an amazing 20 days from around 100+. By using the most up to date technology of fabric printing we send designs straight to our manufacturing partners where they produce a digital "strike off" of our print. Any amendments are made 'digitally' and the confirmed shared with our design team. No need to print fabrics and courier them saving both time and reducing the environment impact through transport.



Reducing waste and over production

Over production is a ‘sustainability’ issue for the clothing industry as there are always styles that sell faster than others. The slow styles tend to only move once put into a sale situation. In the meantime there is a scramble to bring in more styles mid season to maintain weekly sales levels.  Most factories are set up for volume production and this ‘production monster’ needs to be kept fed or the price/volume equation doesn’t work. Our factory have turned this on its head by creating a flexible, short runs production system





The move away from Volume production

Now we can create smaller production runs and create new styles several times through out the year. 

We estimate rather than having two distinct seasons we will have new products every six weeks or so. This will mean if you see a polo shirt you like you are best to buy it when you see it as it may not be there when you come back. 



We hope you will notice the new styles through out the year and enjoy having more choice in the full knowledge that its helping to reduce ‘over production’ and supporting our sustainability efforts.