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Bunker Mentality Zigzag Chevron Golf Shirt

So, we’ve taken a blank sheet and created a proposal, a New Retail Model, with NO RISK, GUARANTEED
It requires us to work in partnership to create a mutual benefit. Simply:
  • We do things for you
  • You do things for us
The Bunker Mentality New Retail Model:
This is what we will do for you:
  • We will provide 2 seasonal collections without any stock risk
  • We will provide: -
          -  Tailored POS reflecting the product that you have in your shop
          -  A brand introduction email that will reflect your store stock for you to send to your database
  • Continuous merchandising support as required
  • In-season top ups continuously available
  • Free shipping on ALL orders (any size order qualifies)
  • Any stock remaining after the sale will be uplifted
  • A credit will be raised against your next bulk order
In Return, All We Ask For From You:
  • Agreement that this is a partnership ie working together to reduce risk for both parties
  • Bunker is actively promoted to your customers to maximise sell through and reduce residual stock
  • You will hold a short end- of -season sale prior to us uplifting residual stock
  • You will then receive your next season collection with no residual stock in store
  • 2-year contractual agreement
  • Minimum £2,800 (exc. terms) initial Spring/Summer order – this can be split into 2 drops, Spring and Summer
  • Minimum £1,800 (exc. terms) Autumn/Winter Order
  • Annual spend minimum commitment £4,600 (exc. terms)
Why Should You Do This?
You told us RISK was your biggest fear.
Working with the Bunker Mentality New Retail Model, we believe we can dilute the risk and grow a profitable & stronger business. Together.
We hope that this is interesting enough for you to investigate further. We’d love to hear from you so get in touch with Robert or Brian to discuss.
Robert Hart - Owner
+44 (0) 7786 377637
Brian Mair - Sales Director
+44 (0) 7532 705524
The Bunker HQ
+44 (0) 115 989 0970


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